Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#5 & #6

Here are #5 & #6, not feeling too well today so decided to do these using cray-pas(oil pastels) and do simple subjects. Have got 2 pictures prepared to paint tomorrow so I can get ahead or really so I can be caught up, lol. #5 didn't upload like it looks in my photo file, there are not that many white dots on the fruits. #6 transferred very close to the original. Since I am working on a size format to fit on my scanner, I scan them instead of taking photos. When I use my camera they really come out different than the originals. Thanks to all those who have been sending me such encouraging comments here and on Facebook! You all are a blessing from God to me!


Pattie Wall said...

Both are very bright and colorful. You put a lot of work into it with the scripture you add. I see the Asian influence in your art. See? Look at all the art you have already done for this year - it's a good feeling. Tough to get it all in, but still a good feeling. Hope you are feeling better today.

Paula's Originals said...

They are both great and thank you for sharing this adventure with us. Makes me feel like we aren't so far apart and the art pieces are fab.