Saturday, January 11, 2014

#10 & #11

Today was a rough day, esp with #10 I never thought something so simple would be so complicated!

Then I nearly cut my right hand index finger off with a paper cutter! Thank God I didn't! I misjudged how close I was to the blade when I lifted up the paper guard! Cut the tip back side pretty deep but it flapped back in place but tons of blood. Of course the artist in me got fascinated by the red color from my bleeding, thinking if only I could get that vivid color of red in my paintings. Got the bleeding to stop and peroxide it. It is all bandaged up and disinfected now and hurts only when I press on it like this typing, most of all I am so thankful I did not cut the whole finger off! God was definitely protecting me.

Anyway after that I did #11, it was not easy painting with a big old Band-Aid on my finger, the brush kept sliding away. But got it finished! Both were painted with gouache acryl paints. The lettering doesn't show up very well in the scanned versions but this is part of what I am working on as I do this 30 day project. I am learning a lot about what I really want to keep doing and what I don't want to do. Realizing no matter what medium or style I use I like to take more time on my paintings than just 1 day. Actually, because of my other obligations it is turning out that I paint 2 a day more than 1 a day so far. Interesting...


Pattie Wall said...

Again - bold and bright! I DO see the writing in the child painting. But HEY - what about that finger? Oh my - been there, done that, only with a mat cutting knife. OW, that must really hurt by now. You may have to take it easy for a few days til it starts to heal up. These daily paintings are just that - daily. I see it as practice to get to do what I am needing to do to learn some mainly about color mixing. Oy! Tomorrow is another day - paint on!

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thanks Pattie! As for the finger, it is fine as long as I don't press it too hard. Been very busy today preparing for teaching so I'll be behind but I'll catch up though I will miss the posting for day 12 since there is a time limit as to when you can post up to Leslie's blog. I missed one last week but not the painting. I'm thinking of changing things up a bit but not sure what yet. Yes, paint on.