Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas photo card

2 more days to go to finish this 1st 90 day set!

Did a sketch and transferred drawing of portrait #4 on to gridded canvas.

Yeah! today the Christmas photo cards were delivered to my house I am pleased, they are larger than I expected and a little bit darker than I thought they would be but they are fine. Now to address and mail out about 40+ cards and the rest to give away locally.

The great looking guy is my dear husband of 38 years(known each other for 40 1/2 years)! I am so blessed by God. This has been a great year for my art progress and process, thank you Lord God, I am so thankful.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Children's Church Christmas washi frame sample

Today was a very full day too. I have a few more ornaments to finish up so tomorrow there will be extras for those who did not get an opportunity to do them. Above is a sample. Thanking God the Father they are almost finished for this year. I have enjoyed doing them but I now want to go onto other things.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Etsuko Bozylinski

One of my dearest friends, Etsuko Bozylinski, passed away today. She was a great woman of faith and I know she is in heaven with Jesus now. I am sad because I will not see her anymore on this earth but my hope is sure to see her again in heaven. Please pray for her family and friends to receive the comfort and peace only God the Father can give at this time. God is ever faithful.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas painting for 2009 & 2008

Here is the Christmas painting. I uploaded it to with my DH and my photo for our photo Christmas card. Will be addressing those when they get here within 2 weeks. I'm going to work on re-cutting a matte for the painting to put in a frame to send the painting as a Christmas present.

I finished the roof for the stable and drew a practice sketch. When I draw each day I do improve and that relaxes me. I also have only 3 more origami frame Christmas ornaments to finish up, then I will need to varnish them, cut out the photos of the child that will go in each and tie a cord so they can hang them on the Christmas tree. They are turning out great!