Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas photo card

2 more days to go to finish this 1st 90 day set!

Did a sketch and transferred drawing of portrait #4 on to gridded canvas.

Yeah! today the Christmas photo cards were delivered to my house I am pleased, they are larger than I expected and a little bit darker than I thought they would be but they are fine. Now to address and mail out about 40+ cards and the rest to give away locally.

The great looking guy is my dear husband of 38 years(known each other for 40 1/2 years)! I am so blessed by God. This has been a great year for my art progress and process, thank you Lord God, I am so thankful.

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Pattie Wall said...

Great card - thanks I got mine! Wishing you a Prosperous New Year! Hope you feel better!