Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pattie Wall's portriat

Here is Pattie Wall's portrait as promised yesterday. My scanner did not copy that well this time for some reason, was having some trouble with the scanner anyway. But it is close enough to the original, of course the original is much smoother and the colors are less harsh, as the hair on the original comes out much softer and blended tones. I do hope she likes it.

Pattie did an exceptional portrait of me and I hope everyone will go look for it at

as well as all the other portraits, there is certainly a multiplicity of techniques, styles and skills posted.
I thank God I was able to finish this portrait just in time and that I am feeling much better recovering from a head cold.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Posting portrait tomorrow

I finally did the portrait challenge but it is too wet to scan at this time. I wanted to get something written up before this New Year is an Old Year already. I still am working on my Christmas card painting it really is going out late, HA! Been down with a cold the last week or so thank God I'm better but I'm still taking it easy so I don't have a boomerang affect.

Pattie Wall did my portrait and she did a wonderful painting. Visit her blog at

Posting portrait tomorrow.