Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas 2010 painting

Christmas painting completed and post cards of this painting ordered. Underpainting in acrylic then color pencil over lays on gesso acid-free matboard. Size: 8 1/2" x 11 3/4". These are my granddaughters, based on a cellphone photo my son sent me(it was so very dark and lacked so much detail so I had to paint this very painterly with less line than I normally would have done. It was an interesting learning experience, I really loved doing this painting in my own value levels so it is so much more visable the relationship of the girls comes thru brighter than the photo could ever do. That is one of things I so enjoy painting from a photo, I can do it what ever way I want, even if the photo to begin with was poor lighting. The actual painting is so much more brilliant and the colors really focus on the relationship of the girls way more than this upload scanned copy. One day...with God's help I'll upload them better.

This time I scanned it right into the computer but it still did not come out like I wanted. I'm beginning to think it is more my computer that is the issue or the program I'm using to get it uploaded, ever since I got this new computer I've noticed a huge difference in the quality of my scans and photos that I print up or up load, this means I really will not have the time to figure it all out, esp now: I'm going to the US for 6 months starting mid-Dec of this year. This problem will have to dealt with next year when I return to Okinawa.

New Zealand "Portrait of the Artist" exhibition

The Portrait of the Artist Exhibition is now up on line for the month of December. Five non-participating artists are going to judge and select 25 out of an estimated 75 paintings in this exhibition to be included in a semi/permenant exhibition on line and large reproductions in a book which will include one painting from each artist who participated in this exhibition.
As I keep saying my photo skills are not very good so the colors do not come out like the original painting but they are close but the original is much more vibrant. I really want to figure out how to improve this skill but I don't have the time that is required to do so, sooo...I just have to let it be for now.
Stop by the exhibition, if you desire, they are rotating the paintings every few days since there are 3 pages, to be fair that everyone will have first billing at differing times. I must warn you there are some painting that may be offensive and uncomfortable to view. I wonder what happened to painting being about creating beauty, it seems now a days beastly, gross and drab are in, but for me I prefer representing beauty, for God created and desires beauty to be enjoyed and expressed.