Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sneak peek

Week 7 Check in:

1. I am so thankful I finally finished the 2 gift portraits in the set of 3 I was working on. #2 was the most difficult. I had to redo that portrait 6 to 8 times, in fact the last time I finally got it right I stayed up for 12 hours straight. I need to varnish them all.

I'm still going to use the oil sticks to complete the gift portrait I set aside so it will be consistent in style using that media, but after that I'm going to use only acrylics for a while. I'd really like to learn to use the water based oils but I will have to start my paintings 6 months in advance to the time I plan to give them since they have to dry 6 months before varnishing them. So I think I'll use acrylics for gift portraits and try the water based oils on my own paintings of local children so I can wait the 6 months and try to sell them after they are varnished. But I've got to learn to use them first, I tried before and just couldn't figure out the consistency but I really didn't stick with it long enough to really get control of that media.

Didn't get to any of the quilts stuff, did a bit of children's church stuff and will have to do some catch up over the next 2 weeks.

3. My plan for the coming week is to get the children's church stuff ready. To complete the gift portrait I set aside to do the 3. Varnish, photos, box up & delivery of the 3 gift portraits I completed. Work on the quilt stuff too.

I thank God the Father thru Jesus Christ that I was able to do these portraits. Sorry I can not post the full images until I receive permission from the recipients, when I do I'll post all 3 fully.

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