Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 Spring challenge & sneak peek

1. I feel my progress right now is progressing, as for my process I'm having some difficulties with the oil sticks, it seems they do eventually dry out quicker after you've used a stick even if you remove the dried layer on top, also I had a weird reaction to one of the colors while I was using it, I felt like I had been toxic attacked. I am working on returning to using only acrylics with color pencils and some times water color. I am learning as much as I possibly can from books and from my own practice using acrylics. My last set of 4-5 portraits I plan to do in the next month I'm going to not use the oil bars so I can learn more.

2. I did finish my challenge quilt and it won a prize at the quilting guild I am in but I can't remember which category it won in, HA! There is a $25.00 reward. I was really shocked I won, I really didn't think I would this time, it was not really my best work due to the conflict I had with using such a overwhelm colored fabric. Anyway I am pleased every one liked it. I hung it up with my other picture quilt I have, maybe some day I'll part with it, but not now. I call it: "Chiyo-Marie in Flowerland" the photo here also includes the material piece I used(we had to grab from a paper bag without seeing the material, I show the upper material and the inside of the material since I used both).

I completed 1 of the gift portraits, except to varnish it and am almost finished with the 2nd, I would have been finished with the 2nd one but I used the wrong colors and had to wipe it all off and start again, that is one advantage with oils than acrylics, but acrylics are easier to go over again.

I prepared 5 canvases for the next set of gift portraits and I purchased boxes to put all 7 in so they can be packed up for their transfers to the USA.

3. Insights I have made are that I get frustrated when my medium doesn't work like it should or I would like it to behave. I am painting regularly now that I am in the studio by midnight-4 or 6am Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat. My sleep is doing ok too. Even though I am sleeping at 4:45 or 6:30 am and up at 12-12:45. I'm sleeping deeper and I wake up more rested. One thing though I haven't figured out when to get my exercise in daily yet, since by late afternoon I need a nap(which I take, sometimes 2 naps: 1 in the early evenings too). Over all I am so thankful I'm doing the art!

4. I haven't gotten the drawings transferred to the new set yet, nor have I started #3 of the 1st set. My husband is traveling to China next week for about 4-6 days so I'll have extra time hopefully to get more completed. The thing that has gotten in the way of not completing is my being so slow in the process.

5. What I want to accomplish before next check in is to complete #2 & #3 gift portraits and finish up the one I set aside then start up the gridding and transfer the drawings to the next 4 -5 gift portraits. The reason I say 4-5 is if I don't get to #5 before it is time to give it to the recipients at least I got 4 done and # 5 can be canceled. I still have Children's church to prepare for and I want to find some time to at least baste the baby quilt I've had to set aside. I also will need to varnish #1 gift portrait too. Again only a section is shown here because I do not have a model release but this shows you pretty much what all has been completed. I am so thankful to God that it came out as well as it has and I am praying the rest will too.


CBC Clown Troupe said...

Your quilt of Chiyo is so beautiful and your portraits are getting better each time you do one. They are looking so realistic. I love getting to watch your progress.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you Paula for stopping by and sharing your encouraging comments.