Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Art Apprentice group wkly challenge

I did this painting for the art apprentice yahoo group challenge. 3 Okinawan Squash: Large one-Subui, pumpkin shaped one-Kabocha and smaller one-Nabe-ra. It was quite the challenge for it is from life not a photo. I used water soluble oils, still not sure I'm getting what I want from them, but will keep at it a while longer.

My next painting project will be for the Virtual Sketch blog monthly challenge: it is from a photo though and another wkly challenge with art apprentice group: it will be from life.

Learning a lot as I do these and also getting some paintings produced. Very Happy am I!


Alice Thompson said...

Hi Victoria, You have been busy. Painting from life is always more difficult and you did great. Interesting Pumpkin shape... Just curious, did you want to make a meal with any of these when you were finished?

Christie said...

Lovely! The Japanese squash varieties are so interesting, and you captured them so well

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Hey Alice! Thanks Alice and Christie for the encouragement. My husband was planning to eat the pumpkin shaped one and the zuccini shaped one but they rotted as I finished the painting. The larger one he was going to give to his Auntie but it rotted too(too much heat in my studio when I'm not there, I turn off the air conditioner-too expensive to run). So he beared(sp?) them in the garden so maybe they may seed and come up next season and he can have some fresh off the vine. Thanks again.

laura said...

I really like this painting, Victoria. It's a hard subject, but you've made a nice composition of it, the pumpkin-shaped squash nestled between the others. Your range of greens is very subtle and pleasing!