Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Midnite date: Different Strokes Wkly Challenge: Boots

This is my take on the Different Strokes Weekly challenge, done in oil bars. Was a lot of fun. I am enjoying the process more using these oil bars, but I have to think in terms of less details since the bars are so large. Still have lots more to learn.

I called this "Midnite Date" or it could be called "Late Date". I like the idea of inanimate objects typifying life.

I am presently working on a Christmas card painting using acrylics which is mostly done except for the details. Wanted to do some more playing with these challenges to loosen up so when I go back to the Christmas card painting I'll feel more at ease doing the details. My Christmas cards are going to be sent out late this year but that is ok, Christmas should be year round anyway, in my opinion: giving because Jesus gave to me and to everyone.

Plan on working on 1 more challenge that is going to the Vitural Sketcher monthly challenge if I can ever get to it after all the other things I need to do too. So it is always one more thing to do before I can get to what I really would rather be doing, working on correcting this issue too.


Alice Thompson said...

Victoria, the boots do look very cozy next to each other and leaving the substrate bare is oh so Toulouse Lautrec of you. Your Christmas card painting sounds exciting. I keep telling myself to do a linocut Christmas card gift but I never get to it in time. December is always a very busy month for everyone. I'll be checking back in next week or two to see how your acrylic painting turned out.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you Alice. Hmm...wasn't thinking of Toulouse but your right it does have that quality.

I working on my confidence to do the facial part of the Christmas card. I always seem to falter when it comes to facial details but it is really my most favorite part once it is finished. I hope to have it up in a week, Lord willing. Thank you again for your positive encouragement.

dominique eichi said...

I love your boots. I like the date symbol.
There's a kindness in your work that show through.

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Oh, Dominque how sweet of you to post what you did. You've made my day!!! God bless you.

dominique eichi said...

Yea I just received my picture too.
Hope my model likes the portrait I will make

laura said...

Very interesting and unusual choice to make the boots two different colors--I like it! I never seem to think of objects as animate--but I should try; it works so well for you!