Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake 6.9 on Okinawa

Praise God for His protection, had a 530am wake up call from an earthquake here on Okinawa. My studio stuff had the most damage, 3 ceramics broken & 1 chime(whole chime collection fell down-about 50 chimes, so 1 out 50 not bad). Pictures & a few other items fell down & some cabinets shifted. Downstairs 1 cooking pot fell down & busted 1 han...dle off so it goes in the trash. Yes, this was a rough one, thank God it was not worse!


Alice Thompson said...

Oh No! I am glad that your okay. I lived through a couple of earthquakes and they are so frightening. The tsunami waves are going to hit Hawaii in about an hour. Stay safe Victoria!

Pattie Wall said...

I didn't realize the earthquake was so far reaching. Hope all is really OK. Take care!

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you Alice and Pattie for your concerns. So thankful the tsunami was mild in Hawaii. We are in our 3rd tsunami warning now. First from the earthquake that hit here then 2 from the Chile earthquake. Pattie there was 2 earthquakes yesterday about 6 to 8 hours apart, one here 6.9 and one in Chile, Chile being the worst,8.8. My husband was here and saw the tsunami hit 50 years ago when Chile had a 9.6 earthquake, he remembers it very clearly though he was only 7 or 8 years old, it hit the Pacific side and it just rolled in and in and in, they watched it from a high point overlooking the Pacific. Okinawa was not populated on that side then, but now it is extremely populated now and reclaimed land on the ocean. Anyway the 3rd warning is now in affect so we are continuing to trust God for our safety. We live on the 2nd highest area in the southern part of the island.