Monday, February 8, 2010

Me,Myself and I photos and grid drawing for Art House project

Was able to grid my photos and grid the canvas that I plan to do an Art House self-portrait challenge. If you are interested in process I'm going to upload the grid photos and the grid canvas here on my blog.

One cool true story from the dvd was about how we were all created to create beauty really touched my heart. It was about WWII prisoners of war in a Japanese Occupied territory. In one camp the prisoners found whatever they could to make musical instruments and a few had instruments already. Anyway while they were performing in their makeshift orchestra some new prisoners, who were starving to death, came into the camp, on their way to the place where they would get some food, they stopped mid-trail when they heard the music and stopped to listen. Their souls were more hungry for beauty than food. This to me is so inspiring that what I do as an artist has value in just the fact that it is something beautiful that blesses others. Hope this story inspires you too. Of course I condensed the story.

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Pattie Wall said...

Yes, I believe ART transcends all the rest too! Thanks for sharing that story. Can't wait to see that gridwork come alive.