Friday, October 26, 2012

3 New gift portraits

3 new gift portraits completed and have been given permission to post them to my blog! working on 3 more presently and praying by God's grace I will have them completed and delivered by mid-Nov. I hope they will be given permission to post on my blog too, if so see you then.


Victoria on Okinawa said...

I want to also give a thank you to the photographer who let me use 2 of her photos for my models of the 2 older children: Tamara Chapman. She is a fantastic photographer and you can like her page on fb:!/LightedPathPhotography

Erica Shaw said...

Thank You again Sister Victoria they truly capture my children and for that I hold these dearly <3

Erica Shaw said...

thank You again Sister Victoria. The portraits truly capture my children and for that I will always hold them close.