Monday, September 19, 2011

All Acrylic

Ok, here is the 1st of a new way I am painting my portraits now. The owner loved it and so do I. I praise God for teaching me a new way of doing things and I know I have a long way to go but I see a clear direction now, more than I've ever had before! I still do not know how to photograph my paintings so they come out actual colors. Everything in this photo is fine except the background has too much blue when it should be pinkish. I'll get better with it in time. Today I start teaching Good News Art class in my home! I'm so thankful to God for the opportunity!

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Pattie Wall said...

Both of these two posts are wonderful - these portraits are very nice. I wouldn't change the background, to pink, thinking that you need a contrast. Sorry I have been absent here...after mom died - and I have also been working, my focus has been a little inward. I will be visiting more! Good luck and can't wait to see some more of your new style.