Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lettering portrait background

Week 4 check in:
1: Feel my progress is slow but progressing. There is so much I have to prepare first before I ever put paint to the surface it feels so slow progressing.

2: What I have accomplished: I am adding parts of the 3 paintings I have in progress in the photo section in my album. Sorry the 1st 3 progress photos were difficult to see anything. Hopefully this one will be better and you will see what progress I've done, again I can only show parts because of lack of model release forms.

I've prepared for 2 crafts for Sunday's Children's Church program.

I had to rearrange some of my studio again so I can get to the air conditioner to clean it out as needed, actually it made things better organized in the studio and much easier access to what I need when I am painting.

I was able to pin the baby quilt together(quilt top + batting + backing material)after adding the border which I drew sea turtles outlines on the border.

Drew only 1 day for my daily drawing but did some art study reading.

3. Insights: Hmm...not sure I have anything to add but what I put in #1. Well, I did realize I want my paintings, no matter what I paint to have more blue in them since that is my favorite color and it so me. And I want to find more time to draw something daily.

4. Things I would have liked to have done but didn't was: did not finish my challenge quilt but I did get to the binding and I did sew the hanging sleeve together. I wanted to concentrate on my going to bed earlier so it cut into my sewing time that I usually do in the evenings.

5. I do hope to have gotten the color blocked in on the main areas of the portraits and to have finished the backgrounds. Hopefully, too, to have started putting on the oil stick paints. I do hope I have finished the challenge quilt since it it due May 6th. I also will be redoing our church bulletin board backgrounds and flowers too this week.

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