Friday, November 20, 2009

Quote from Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage movie

I took it easy all day and did some reading then watched a movie. The movie was very encouraging to me. I wrote down a quote from one of the characters: Glen Wesman to Thom in the movie: Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage. The below quote is one I plan to memorize and make a part of my life, hope it encourages you as it did me:

"It is your chance to illuminate where you live, to inspire you neighbors...that mural can record the people you love for posterity, it could change the way they see themselves. Art crosses all borders, surpasses all languages. It is a place where we are one family. And if you are willing, really willing to see with your eyes and your heart, one image can change lives. You could introduce men to their souls(my injection: soul=mind,will&emotions). . . Do your very best always, always the finest your heart has, it's the only way an artist knows."

This is so powerful and for me an answer to one of my deepest prayers.

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