Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Bunny Loves Me picture quilt

Was in studio for 2hrs & 15mins today, in the afternoon! I decided whether I do anything or not I was going to be in the studio during that time. I drew a practice drawing and moved my drawing table in the opposite direction so I can look into the studio
instead of at a corner of the room. I have decided I need a another drawing table so working on that.

Last night I began my goddaughter's baby boy quilt, this will be ongoing until I finish it up.

Tonight was the Baby quilt challenge at our quilting guild, there were 8 quilts presented in the challenge. The categories for entries was best boy, best girl and best overall. I won the best over all, I am thankful and glad it is going to a precious baby at the NICU. The other quilts were more traditional compared to mine but so cute and well done. Over all was a great representation of the great quilters we have in the guild, we have 17 members at this time, in past we've been up past the 60's. Hope it will grow more soon.


Pattie Wall said...

Very nice! I like the cuddly feeling you gave it..just perfect for a little one!

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you Pattie for such a wonderful comment. "Cuddly" is exactly the feeling I wanted it to have.