Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a new change

I decided to remove all the quilting items from this blog to only have my paintings and drawings. I'll work on creating a separate blog for the quilting stuff. Not sure when I'll get time for that but I decided to make things more clear what I am doing on this blog. It seemed too busy and confusing having both on one log.

I am busy preparing canvases 2 for portraits and 4 for a series I'm starting. Plus tons of other things going on right now. Will post paintings and drawings as I get an opportunity to do so.

I am posting a couple of things I did for a comic American Cancer Society fund raiser and a couple of things from a Sketchbook project for Art House in GA "Everyone We Know" was the them.

The first set is called "Kimono Baby 1-4"
The second photo is from "Everyone We Know"
I goofed when I saved this one the wrong direction,
please forgive , thank you.


Clive and Dawn said...

Victoria, you are an inspiration! I Love your art. I also nominated you for an award :-)

Victoria on Okinawa said...

Thank you Dawn for such a lovely comment and for your encouragement.
God bless you all 3.